Integrating MoSKito into Java EE 6 + JBoss AS 7 environment

MoSKito enables you to analyze and monitor your running Java application.

During this blog post, we guide you how to fully integrate MoSKito within Java EE 6 environment und run it with JBoss Application Server 7. Furthermore we provide some hooks for integrating Producers, Threshold and Accumulators.

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The complete MoSKito integration guide – Step 1

After we created our guinea pig in the previous step, it’s now time to integrate MoSKito-Essential into our application. Our plan for today is:

  • Add monitoring to the core parts of our code.
  • Download and connect MoSKito Inspect
  • Learn about WebFilters and Listeners

At the end of the guide we want to:

  • see the access data in MoSKito Inspect,
  • record a Journey.

Lets go!

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The complete MoSKito integration guide – Step 0

Despite the efforts we put into MoSKito documentation, we are continuously facing questions like ‘How to do this’ and ‘How to get that’.

Now we want to give you a guide for the whole setup cycle, which this posts starts.
The guide will cover a complete application lifecycle with MoSKito, from integration of the first MoSKito-Essential Producer to installing MoSKito-Control and MoSKito-Central setup.

But before we start, we need a guinea pig. This is what we do today – set up a simple application for experimental purposes.

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Announcement MoSKito 2.0 in AppStore

We will dedicate a long all-explaining post to the topic later, in fact Dmytro is already working on a Video walkthrough of the new MoSKito App, so I just wanted to say that MoSKito UI iOS App Version 2.0 have been approved by Apple and is finally finally finally available for download 😉


MoSKito Demo Night in Kiev

Tonight, December, 10, MoSKito is going to appear in public within the upcoming Demo Night!

The Presentation is hosted by Anotheria Office in Kiev; Developers and Project Managers from Kiev and Hamburg will show the core Anotheria application in it’s full potential.

Notwithstanding heavy snowfall and near-Christmas frost, Kiev Office promises the warmest atmosphere possible! During the evening, Anotheria Team will:

  • make a Demo Presentation of the last MoSKito version;
  • talk over the New Features;
  • answer all the possible questions concerning MoSKito;
  • discuss the ways for application’s further development.
We hope the tasty snacks, cool drinks and hospitality of Anotheria Kiev Team will greatly contribute to friendly conversation.

The Presentation starts at 7:00 PM in Anotheria Kiev Office. Looking forward to meeting everyone and give MoSKito a warm public welcome!